Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Something's Coming!

          Now, Barney had his fur in an uproar!  “Go get him!”  He ordered with a loud, demanding meow that sounded like a growl.  “The poor kitty looks like a kitten out there.”

          Casey knew that every cat had probably heard the meows about how he and Barney were surfing.  He was pawsitive that Smokey and Barney even exaggerated the tale.  As a matter of fact, he would’ve bet his whiskers on it.  Both of them, especially Smokey, did have the reputation for having really big mouths.  With all of that being meowed though, when he saw little Cory kitty out there meowing for help, he knew that he had to help.  Besides that, all of the kitties were looking at him with a, ‘You better help or you’ll be in meowy big trouble.’

          Casey’s whiskers twitched.  “Okay I’ll help.  Somebody get me a board!”

          The board was produced in a matter of seconds.  Did you really expect otherwise?  Casey was a little bit shocked at how fast it was but meee-ow, a kitty has to do what a kitty has to do.  Besides that, poor, little Cory was yowling harder and harder and it was giving a lot of the kitties a headache! 

          It was easy to start out.  All Casey needed to do, basically, was have a nice, gentle paddle.  Besides that the ocean itself was relatively calm.  It wasn’t until the middle that it got interesting.  The ocean started getting choppy and Smokey saw something that she couldn’t believe!

          A shark was coming!!!!

(And we'll see you next week pals!)

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  1. SHARK !!!!! ????? guyz...knot de kinda fish ya wanna mess with...trust uz on thiz one, coz we NOE... R... fish !!! ...safe travels two yur mom..see ya soon ♥♥♥