Friday, May 15, 2015

Casey to the Doc?

          Casey just stared at him with whiskers twitching, which obviously meant he couldn’t remember.  As a matter of fact he looked like he was in a complete daze! 

          “Maybe we should call Dr. Whiskers,” suggested Ace, who had purry memories of being treated by the good doctor before they headed to Florida.  It was, of course, a dumb idea but Ace figured he had nothing to lose by bringing it up!

          Baby gave Ace the paw.  “You dope,” she said.  “You know we can’t do that.”

          Smokey was really worried about Casey bepaws his whiskers couldn’t stop twitching.  “We have to find another doctor,” she meowed.

          Surprisingly that made the whiskers stop.  “I ain’t going to no doctor!”  he yowled.  “I hate doctors!”

          That was a well-known fact and Casey was glad to point it out to anyone who would listen!  Smokey wasn’t even sure if they could get Casey to a doctor if he was half dead.  Well, they had to find a way to figure it out somehow.  Maybe it was time to get out the medical book.  The question was did they have a medical book?

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  1. dood...just put a trout on yur head....we bee tellin ya...a fresh trout wrapped round yur head for 5 minits....N yur az good az new !! ♥♥♥