Saturday, May 16, 2015

Cat-cussion Cure

          Smokey ended up finding one but it really didn’t say that much.  Cat-cussions aren’t really like those human ones.  There’s some kind of long process to heal a human, Smokey discovered.  However, for a cat-cussion the book said get a block of ice- put it on the head overnight and the kitty-patient will be fine the next day. 

          Now, when Smokey informed the other kitties of this they all found it kind of hard to believe that would do the trick but what the meow- if the medical book said that, there was no harm in trying it.  And, as you guessed, it took Baby, Ace and Barney to get a hold of Casey.  Smokey and Tommy were ready with the ice.  Somehow Casey fell asleep and the ice went on his head.  Smokey thought that was extremely coincidental.  It seemed to her that Ace put him in some kind of sleeper hold but she couldn’t really confirm it.  What the meow did it actually matter, if it worked, that’s all that was important.

          Strangely enough it not only worked but Casey woke up full of energy.  Meee-ow, I know cat-cussions are weird, aren’t they?  But he was all furry and purry.  There was no need for a doctor.  It was time to think about the pawty boat idea which meant a new set of problems…

          How do a group of ordinary kitties get a paw-ty boat?

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  1. one 800 rent a boat.....N while ya haz em on de fone make sure ta tell em ya knead a canew.....just in case......ya gotta row ta shore ore sum thin !! ♥♥