Sunday, May 17, 2015

Pawty Boat Fun!

          Smokey was really good at figuring out pretty much anything but there is no meowing way she knew where to get a paw-ty boat!  Who actually would?  Who would have such steep connections that they could actually get them a paw-ty boat?  Surprisingly, Barney stepped up and meowed out that he might know where to get one cheap.

          That led to another roaring debate from the kitties.  They couldn’t have a cheap paw-ty boat!  They didn’t want to sink somewhere like the Titanic did!  But Barney assured them that he could get them a boat that would make them all purr.

          And five days later he did!  It looked something like this-

          Remember I said something like this- not exactly this.  Anyway, it was a tad bigger and had a swimming pool shaped like a paw.  Meee-ow, I know, you don’t think cats like swimming but surprise-surprise, get them on a paw-ty boat they’d pretty much do anything.  Barney was right though.  It had them all purring.  It had Casey, Baby and Ace in so much shock they couldn’t close their mouths!  Tommy was bouncing off the walls and Smokey couldn’t quit purring at the sight of it.

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  1. guys...this boat be AWESUM rockin way mega kewl ....grate job barney !!!! high paws dood !!! ♥♥♥