Friday, June 26, 2015

Paw Note

Did you kitties see this?

Now, Mom likes all animals and she's really TICKED OFF about this.  No animal deserves to be tortured like this and the s.o.b. who did this needs his butt kicked by some big, tough dude in jail who misses his dog.  With that being said- animal cruelty laws really need to change in this country BIG TIME.  I'm tired of seeing stories like this and I don't think enough people really get mad about this.  They're to worried about closing zoos, or Sea World, or people who hunt deer, etc., etc.  Please- this creep in Virginia is an example of  your REAL PROBLEM and somebody needs to step up and take care of it.  Spread this around.  Like I said, not enough people get mad about stuff like this.

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