Saturday, June 27, 2015


       Meow- who knows?  The cats were reluctant to step off the pawty boat bepaws of the big fight from earlier.  Who knew what could be out there waiting for them?  Remember, they left a bunch of angry exotic cats out there and who knows if those leopards were still around?

          Finally, it was Barney that meowed out the inevitable question.  “How are we gonna get out of here without those cats coming after us?”

          That was a good question and that had them all confused.  Obviously, you couldn’t go out now because of the roars and a lot of pounding outside (which was a signal that the rhinos were around).  And, of course, how in the meow could they get away with going out at night?  All of these animals hunted at night!  They’d be guaranteed to get chomped on!

          Finally the Mayor meowed, “Ifs a couple of us kitties coulds get out den maybe we all could.”

          Casey gave him a disgusted look.  “Are you crazy?”  He meowed.  “How in the meow could this be pulled off?”

          The Mayor looked at Tommy.  “Didn’t you say you were riding a zebra?”

          Tommy looked shocked by this question.  “Yeah, so what?”

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  1. dood...whoa........due KNOT bee ridin a zebra round a hungree lion !!!! ♥