Sunday, June 28, 2015

Tommy Says No

          The Mayor’s whiskers twitched with impatience.  There was no way he was in the mood for this!  “You sounds like you gots along wid da zebra, right?”

          Tommy was still giving the Mayor the ‘eye.’  Tommy, due to the fact that he was thrown out of a moving car in December, was never really going to get over the fact that he was generally suspicious of everybody!  Anyway, enough cat-analysis, it gets a little boring anyway.  He meowed back to the Mayor, “So what?”

          It seemed like a light bulb went off over Casey’s head.  “I know what you’re thinking!”  He meowed to the Mayor.  “You want Tommy to be decoy so we can sneak out!”

          The Mayor nodded and Tommy’s whiskers just stood straight out with this news!  “Are you kidding?”  He yowled, angry and just downright shocked by this idea.  “I’m not being no decoy.”

          “Why nots?”  asked the Mayor.  “You is just a little kitty!  You and your zebra buddy could helps us find the Smoke!”

          “I won’t do it!”  Tommy yowled, getting the claw out, which was sort of funny since he was just a little fella with a small paw.

          “Would you two shut-up!”  Barney yowled in disgust.  “He don’t have to find a zebra to get us off this boat!”

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  1. anda good thing two, coz we think itz bout "dinner time" over at de lion pride !!! ♥