Thursday, August 6, 2015

A Banking Smoke

          “Yeah,” Casey meowed immediately.  “We are.”

          That’s when a light bulb went off over Smokey’s head, literally-MOL.  “Wait a second!  I have an idea!”

          Smokey had a really weird look on her face.  The kitties had never really seen that look before!  Barney was extremely interested by this point.  “What are you thinking Smokey?”

          Smokey didn’t answer.  Instead she went over to the computer, sat her smokey behind down and the next thing you knew her paws were going at 1000 miles per hour across the keyboard.  All of the kitties were fascinated, especially since Smokey’s whiskers were twitching hard enough to match a propeller!  After about five minutes she stopped and gave some huge purrs.  “I did it!”  she meowed wonderingly.  “I really did it!”

          By this point, the Mayor was about ready to lose it!  “What did you do???”

          Smokey turned back to look at the Mayor and meowed, “I not only got the money back but I took all of the money out of those parks over there and put it back in the banks here.”

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