Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Money Is Where...?

          “How couldz dis be worse?”  asked the Mayor, who was surprisingly upset about Cecil.

          Smokey pushed away from the desk and stood up.  Her hackles were up and she was just meowy mad.  “Some human took da money and transferred it into one of those parks that put animals in those closed off spaces so they can hunt them!”

          If you ever want to see a group of kitties go stone-cold silent- then just imagine the scene here!  All of the kitties were just stunned.  For one, they all knew how paw-ful canned hunting was but they couldn’t believe that humans would actually be able to get their money!  “How is this pawsible?”  Alex asked.  “How could dey get our money?”

          “Somebody probably thought they were hacking into some American bank,” Smokey meowed reasonably.  “That’s the only thing that actually makes some sense.”

          The kitties were  meow-less once again.  All of them knew that Smokey was probably right.  Meee-ow forget probably- they knew she was right.  The question was- what were they going to do about it.

          Tommy asked the inevitable.  “Does this mean we have to go back to Africa?”  he asked.

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  1. if thiz monee wuz used for poachin///huntin.......we due knot want any thing ta due with it, we wood rather be pennie lezz for de rest oh R lives ~~~~~ ♥♥