Saturday, August 8, 2015

A Cecil Decision


          Smokey, who enjoyed the carrying around and the hero treatment, was overcome.  Meee-ow, yeah kitties can literally go brain dead.  She didn’t know what to meow or really what to think!  Finally, it hit her like someone slammed a hammer on her tail.  “CECIL!”  she meowed.  “CECIL!”

          All of the kitties joyful celebrating and purring, of course, came to a halt when she meowed Cecil’s name.  All of them felt like they needed to do something about it but they really weren’t sure what!  All seemed like they were waiting for the first kitty to come up with an idea.  That’s where Casey came back in.

          “I meowed it already,” he yowled.  “We’re going back to Africa.”

          That sent a huge murmur through the Fish Island crew.  There were meows of, “We want to go!” Alex was listening intently and finally the kitty politician meowed, “Can we go too?”

          Smokey’s crew and the Trouties just stared at the large group for a second.  Now who in the meow thought this would happen?  They had been looking forward to a relaxing week on the island doing all of the kitty-like things that could make any cat purr.  None of them thought in a million years that they would be going back to Africa! 

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  1. guys....good ta see ya bak....we had knot been gettin a notice oh new postz ewe had written....hope all iz well ~~~~~~~~ ♥♥♥