Sunday, August 9, 2015

A Kitty Draft

          You could almost compare it to being drafted.  When your fellow big cat is in trouble it seemed almost mandatory that a kitty does something to help.  However, it was very frustrating to think that they had just been there and it seemed like that nothing pawsitive came out of the visit.

          “Is it worth even going over?”  asked Ace.  “It seems like that we didn’t do anything to really help.”

          Casey, who had ridden a rhino into battle, wasn’t really too crazy about hearing that, which was understandable.  No one likes hearing they did something for nothing and that includes cats.  He responded to Ace’s remark by giving him a paw.  “Shut-up you cranky cat,” he meowed.  “We did help and you know it.”

          Ace gave a snort.  “You are so stupid that it’s no wonder your fur falls out once in awhile.”

          That got Casey madder than what you might think.  Casey did have a problem with his fur falling out a couple of years ago and he was really sensitive about it.  He was ready to claw Ace’s eyes out but Barney pulled his tail back.  Barney, as you know, was a reasonable cat.  He ignored Ace and meowed to Alex, “Yeah, you kitties can come with us.”

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  1. casey...dood...dont stress now buddy....we need ya level headed & thinkin kleer lee ~~~ ♥♥