Saturday, August 15, 2015

Almost There

          “It waz supposeds to be in English you dumb kitty!”  the Mayor yowled, crinkling up the paper into a big ball and throwing it at him.  It bounced off his head.  “You iz da one whos probably didz dat!”

          “You’re stoned on catnip!”  yowled Casey giving him a look that sent somewhat of  a chill down Smokey’s back.  “Don’t ever hit me again!”  he warned.

          “Why youz arrogant, stuck-up, pun-“ the Mayor tried to charge at Casey but Daisy pulled his tail back.

          “You calms down,” she meowed.  “Don’ts you worries bepaws we don’t really needs dat list!”

          “Meeee-huh?”  They both asked. 

          Daisy gave both of them a look of pure disgust.  “Come on boys, can’t you hear?”

          The Mayor and Casey were literally brain dead for about two seconds but off in a distance all of them heard roars.  The second that happened, both became excited.  “Holy meows!”  Casey yowled.  “We found one!”

          The Mayor was excited but a little skeptical, “You really thinks so?”

          Before anyone could say anything, a familiar voice said, “Yep, you kitties found one!”

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