Sunday, August 16, 2015

He's Baaaaaaaaaa-ck!

          Smokey knew who it was immediately!!!  She was so meowy excited too that she was practically jumping out of her fur.  The other kitties were just as thrilled even though they didn’t know him as well as the Smoke.  Oh, c’mon don’t scratch your head- it was Hank!

          Hank the hippo had somehow found them! 

          Smokey wasn’t sure how to really hug a hippo so she just jumped on his back and started jumping around and well, if anyone forgot who Hank was- that’s on you-MOL.  You need to go back and reread. 

          “How did you find us?”  asked Barney who was actually in awe of Hank and it was easy to be, considering it looked like Hank had gotten bigger!

          Hank was just as thrilled to see the kitties (I know, that sounds weird).  “I smelled ya out,” he said.

          “What’s that mean?”  asked Casey who was happy to see Hank but kind of on the edge, due to (obviously) their latest mission.

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