Monday, August 17, 2015

Battering Ram Hank

          “I was swimming with some pals and I got your scent,” Hank replied.  “It’s easy to figure out why you’re here.”

          All of the kitties looked at each other guiltily.  In comparison the Fish Island kitties were in complete awe.  I mean do you blame them?  Who would’ve ever guessed that they would’ve ran into a hippo?  I mean some of them didn’t even know that hippos were still around!  The Fish Island kitties were just looking at Hank like, ‘Meee-huh?”

          The Mayor regained control of the kitty shock.  “Well, you wants to helps us wid da big escape.”

          Hank’s eyes glowed.  He had such a wild look on his face that it was funny!  “A big bust out of da lions huh?”

          “You could be a battering ram!”  Smokey meowed excitedly.

          Hank was practically jumping up and down by this point.  “Bustin’ out da lions- now how cool is dat?  Who wants to ride?”

          Smokey, Daisy, the Sheriff and a couple of adventurous Fish Island kitties jumped on Hank’s back.  Casey in the meantime was also on Hank, meowing that he had to be the one to lead the charge. 

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