Monday, August 3, 2015

Cecil News

          “WHERE’S THE MONEY???”  yowled Ace, who was very impatient by this point.  This cat didn’t like anyone fooling around!

          “You kitties aren’t going to believe this!”  meowed Smokey.

          “Wouldz you just tellz us where da money iz!”  yowled the Mayor, who was ready to claw at Smokey.

          Smokey, who as you know generally liked everybody, was really mad at the Mayor by this point but she figured that she would get even with him another time.  “The money iz-“

          She was cut off by another kitty’s shrill meow.  “Da human killed Cecil!  Da human killed Cecil!”

          All of the kitties turned to the door, where a white kitty with a black patch on her back was huffing and puffing.  Her name happened to be Missy- which was a nickname bepaws her human would refer to her as Miss Spot.  She had been on the other side of the island on a fishing trip when she was informed about what happened to Cecil the lion.  Now, every single kitty knew about Cecil bepaws as you know, he was legendary and he well- he was literally king of the preserve he lived on.  Stories ran through the cat world like crazy about what a fine lion he was and well- he was a cat’s answer to a Hollywood celebrity.

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