Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Cecil Reaction

          The Trouties and Smokey’s crew couldn’t believe it!  As you know they were over in Africa taking care of some business with regards to humans hunting and well after hearing what happened to Cecil,that meant it probably happened when they were there!  All of them looked sick and it took Tommy, of all kitties to break the silence. 

          “Why didn’t we know??”  he asked.  “We could’ve stopped it!”

          Captain One-Eyed Jack even looked really sick by this news, so you can tell how bad it really was, considering (if you remember correctly) he and Baby spent all of their free time on the boat when the kitties were playing war with the humans!  “Dis is sick,” he meowed.

          Every Fish Island kitty looked like they wanted to throw up.  “What happened to the human?”  Alex asked.

          “The USA humans can’t find him,” Missy responded.

          Casey was literally stunned by all of these developments.  “We hafta do something,” he meowed.
          Smokey was ready to blow her whiskers off her face.  “Dis is worse news!”  she yowled.  “Bepaws I know where all da money is!”

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  1. guys...yea.....for sum one who sayz he did "no wrong" he sure canna be found ta get de "fax" huh .........