Tuesday, January 12, 2016

And the Winner Is...


          I know, you’ve seen them before and you’re probably tired of them, right?

          Well, meee-yowl it’s to bad bepaws they’re never going to change!  All of them usually get their butt all huffy about something and it’s just a miracle that it took this long to get someone so huffy.  Anyway, the rest of the kitties let them go at it for awhile, watching it with interest, wondering if Blackie, would actually get anywhere with that grumpy Baby.  However, the ‘fight’ (if you want to even call it that) only lasted a few seconds.

          Oh meee-ow what a shock, huh?

          Baby and Blackie’s fight ended with both of them landing with a thud on their butts about two feet away from each other.  Both were huffing and puffing.  Whiskers were twitching but neither looked any different.  You couldn’t actually tell which kitty actually won.  There was no fur anywhere!  Casey was disgusted.  He and Baby were in the same age group and well- who wanted to admit that they knew someone who couldn’t take down a kitten???  “You happy with yourself?”  Casey asked Baby.

          Baby gave him one of the famous ‘looks.’  “You meow too much,” she replied.

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  1. N meen while again....tommy iz in de pantree tossin treetz out left & rite for any one & everee one who seez em !!!

    { sorre guys...we R bee in sillee two day we noe } ♥♥♥