Monday, January 4, 2016

Mad Barney

          How do you really answer that?  Smokey had no idea!  Who could see this coming?  Before she could meow something Barney put his whiskers into the conversation and shockingly enough-

          Barney sounded just flat-out pissed off!

          “Do?”  he growled. “Do?  What do you think we do!!  We figure out how who killed him- that’s what we do!”

          All of the kitties were staring at Barney with their whiskers sticking out in some kind of fantastic cartoon scenario.  No one had ever heard Barney get growly mad before so it was kind of shocking.  Baby, especially, was at a loss for meows.  It was well-known that she thought Barney was a wimp so she was eyeing him up like some other cat took over his body.

          Finally, Smokey, as usual broke the silence.  Smokey, as many of you know is a born diplomat and she likes to get things done.  “Who do you think did it?”  she asked Barney.

          Barney’s brain seemed like it went into clean-slate mode after that.  If you humans think that you’re obvious with the ‘mind going blank’ thing, then you better observe the kitty a little bit closer they can be just as funny!

          Casey was disgusted.  “You don’t know what happened, do you?”

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  1. guys....ewe shuld call like de cee eye aye...


    they R prette good at stuff like thiz ♥♥♥