Sunday, January 3, 2016

The Blackie Factor

          Tommy (a little, black, fluffy cat with a tail that would make you meeeeee-yowl!) ended up meeting a nice feline on Fish Island.  Since he had lived through one meowy bad winter (last year)- he decided that there was no way he was leaving the sun and the fun of Fish Island.  It was cool, the kitties knew they’d see Tommy again and he swore that he’d come up and visit (in the summer).

          Now, who in the meow is Blackie???

          Well, first of all she was another small, black, fluffy cat.  She could actually be Tommy’s twin!  Anyway, like I said, her name was Blackie and yes, to all of you politically correct people out there, there is nothing wrong with naming a cat Blackie, Midnight, etc.  With that being meowed, Blackie just kind of showed up and that was cool with the kitties bepaws she still acted like a kitten, which made the older kitties stay on their claws.

          The one funny thing was that she was afraid of Smokey but that’s another story.  Back to the now, Blackie was crying really hard and it wasn’t a nice scene.  Her fur was even getting matted.  Blackie really liked Ace and well, Ace in the short time he knew Blackie liked having her around.

          Casey was the one who sort of got everyone to calm down, “What are we going to do?”  he meowed.

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  1. tommy....itz brisk heer two....we canna say we blame ewe for stayin in floor a da....nice ta see ewe guyz bak thiz way...happee 2016 ! ♥♥♥