Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Hank and the Water

          Hank was actually enjoying himself in that creek which was amazing in itself.  I’m sure many of you know creeks generally have a standard size and there is no way in the world you could imagine a hippo popping up in one.  That’s what made what Hank doing so fascinating.  It was to the point of being laugh/purry.

          Hank didn’t take too long though, believe it or not considering he had a blast in the water!  He swore he never had that good of a mud bath in his life.  He was feeling really good and he wanted to know every single detail of Ace’s murder.

          Casey was the one who had to break everything to him.  By time he was done, Hank happened to have big tears in his eyes that actually dropped on Smokey and Daisy with such force that it was like some human threw a bucket of water on them.

          “Meeeeeeeeeeeeeee-ow!!!”  screeched Daisy.  “Hank!!  What’s u doing?  You soaked da Smoke and me!”
          Smokey was so wet that she looked like a drowned rat.  She was unamused but for some reason no meow would pop out.  Her response to all of this was pretty much turning her butt around, heading to the house and finding a fast way to get dry. 

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  1. hank....werd dood.....water iz good for fishin & drinkin & surfin....but knot bathin.....leest knot ta uz catz... thanx for de wash down dood, but noe thanx !!! ♥♥♥