Monday, February 1, 2016

Heading for the Creek

          Smokey was jumping up and down which was a site in itself considering she only had three legs.  “Hank!  Hank!  What are you doing here?”

          Hank gave one of those toothy grins that made hippos special.  It’s important to note that a couple of his teeth looked like they were majorly worn down but that’s a different issue.  “I had to come and visit!”  he announced.  “I felt so bad when I heard about Ace that I had to come but I need some water bad!  How do you get down to the creek?”

          “You gonna be able to get enough water in there?”  asked Barney, who motioned with the tail for Hank to follow, towards the front of the house.  “It’s a small creek!”

          “It’ll help,” he answered.  “What do I have to do?  Go down the hill here.”

          “You got it,” Casey answered for Barney.  “We’ll just wait for ya.”

          So, I bet you’re wondering what this looked like to the common eye- a group of kitties watching a hippo trudge down to the creek for the water break.  Well, remember the old rule- a tight group can’t be seen to the human eye.  As for Hank, he was also invisible to humans due to the fact that humans do follow the ‘see what they want to see.’  Every so often the ground would shake though but humans could easily attribute that to the factory across the creek dropping something!

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  1. dood .... if we get thiz mizz tree solved quik lee, ya hafta stix round for base ball...coz no one noes base ball like purry cute ( they mite even bee abe bull ta sneek ewe inta spring trainin !! } ♥♥♥