Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Confessions of Cheetahs

          Frank and Carla looked at each other and then kind of got all smirky.  “He’s gone,” Frank said.

          Now, this was a relief to hear but how?  It was funny though how all brain power just leaked from all of them.  Carla thought that was really funny.  She gave a version of a cheetah laugh which was kind of weird sounding.  “You kitties forget how to meow?”

          Casey growled at that dumb comment, which is exactly what it was- dumb.  “You wanna fight?”  he asked.

          That’s when the both of them got into attack mode.  “You really wanna try us?”  asked Frank.

          No, Casey didn’t want to try them.  I mean come on- they’re cheetahs!  There’s no way that they could win.  “Why are you two beating around the bush?” he asked.  “Or are you two just makin’ up stories?”

          “Yeah!”  Smokey meowed.  “You have to be making up stories!!”

          “That’s what you think,” Frank said.  “We’re telling you Da Creature is dead!”

          “Well which onez of you two didz it?”  asked the Mayor.

          “I did,” roared a familiar voice.

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  1. leo ??? is that ewe dood !!! did ewe kill de creeture !!! ☺☺