Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Hot and Bothered Cheetahs

          Frank and Carla looked at Smokey strangely.  “What’s that mean?”  Frank asked.  “There’s plenty of room here.”

          Smokey smacked her head with her front right paw.  She did it hard too, hard enough that she fell on her butt.  Everyone kind of gave the laugh/purr routine, except Frank and Carla who were, of course, tangled up together on the ground.

          Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-what???? My fellow cats we have an X-rated blog scene!  If you have kittens make them leave the room.  Oh wait, it didn’t last long, about five minutes actually.  Why?  Well, out of nowhere water was thrown on the steamy couple.


          Meeee-yowl!  You heard that right!!!  Somehow, some way the Mayor managed to get enough water to pour on those two to calm them down.  The looks on their faces, the Mayor even looked a little bit shocked at himself-MOL.  When Frank and Carla got over their shock both of them jumped up and growled at the Mayor.  “What was that for you little fuzz ball?”  asked Carla.

          “We iz not in da mood to watch youz two goes at it,” he meowed.  “Now youz tells us what you did abouts Da Creature.”


















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