Friday, March 11, 2016

Let's Get Going


          The beach???


          When did rhinos ever want to go to the beach?  Well, the answer to that was never.  But there they were, Leo and Charlie looking really anxious and hopeful, they wanted to go to the beach.  The Mayor was the one to ask it, “Why?”  he asked.

          Leo and Charlie looked shocked at the question.  “Why not?”  asked Leo reasonably.  “We always wanted to see the beach!”

          Smokey found herself laugh/purring about it like crazy!  How meowy cool would that actually be?  As a lot of you know, she and the other kitties headed to Florida this time of the year and since all of the business with Da Creature was taken care of maybe it was about time to make another trip!  She studied Charlie and just thought about the looks on all of the other cats faces.  Meee-wow!

          As a matter of fact, Casey read her mind exactly.  “Let’s head out everybody!”  he meowed.  “Beach paw-ty time!”

          Then, from nowhere Barney announced a shocker.  “I’m not going.”


1 comment:

  1. dood...ya GOTTA willna bee de same with out ya....rememburr last yeerz surf competishunz......yea, we can all try that again ♥♥♥