Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Daisy Is....

          Baby and Smokey went into this big story about how Daisy was arrested and they had no clue why.  They told them how they started attacking the FUZZ but they didn’t seem like they were that interested in them.  Both of them were actually in a panic!  What if Daisy was getting tortured?  They actually stopped meowing.  Why?

          Bepaws the Trouties were laugh/purring hysterically.

          “What’s so funny?”  asked an annoyed Smokey.

          “You cats shouldn’t be doing that,” Baby growled.  “You had to have heard all of those FUZZ stories.”

          Boomer stopped laughing.  “You iz kidding right?”

          “What’s that mean?”  asked Smokey.

          “Youz don’ts needz to be be upset about Daisy,” the Mayor meowed.  “Daisy’s right wherez she should be.”

          “Would one of you goofs just SAY WHAT SHE DID!”  yowled Smokey.

          “She iz a nip dealer!”  Boomer yowled.  “Hardcore nip dealer!”

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  1. home grown grazz iz de best guys !!! help yur self... coz we haz sum rite over ther bye de grill ☺☺☺