Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Dealin' Daisy

          Baby and Smokey couldn’t believe it.  “She’s like one of those goof humans?”

          The Mayor nodded solemnly.  “She iz likez that ugly, little dude those humans kept talkin’ about on tv.”

          “What ugly, little dude?”  asked Baby.

          Smokey knew who he meant!  She remembered sleeping on the evening paper when the story was on the front page.  “She’s like El Chapo!”

          All of the kitties looked at Smokey like she was nipped in the brain.  Smokey wasn’t backing off the topic though.  “That’s who it sounds like,” she meowed indignantly.

          “The Smoke iz right,” the Mayor meowed.  “She iz like dat.  All da kitties in the USA know it.  She got Boomer so completely nipped that he haz to sellz off his favorite blankey!”

          Boomer nodded seriously, whiskers twitching.  “Daisy is rightz where she deserves to be!”

          Smokey was about ready to meow something but Casey yowled.  “How come you never meowed anything about this?”

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