Friday, January 13, 2017

A Hanky for Hank

No one could believe it.

It was a site to see.

A hippo crying like a baby...

Actually it was a baby who gave him a hanky.  Tippy and Sammie bought it out.  After a few bellows, Hank blew his nose which caused such a burst of wind all of the kittens (including Fuzzy) blew out the door.  After a couple of seconds, he seemed like he calmed down.

"Do youz feel better?" asked the Mayor.

"Kinda," said Hank.  "The whole thing is just to sad."

"Gee, you think?"  asked Frank, who obviously, woke up during Hank's crying fit.  "How do you think I feel?"

Hank turned every shade of red imaginable.  "I'm sorry, Frank," he said.

Casey's whiskers twitched and he got into Frank's face.  "Listen, you have to tell us what you want to do..."

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