Sunday, January 22, 2017

Leo's Family

Now that Leo had a fine looking family...

The wife was Lucy (makes sense right?) she was a nice, lean lioness.  Lucy also, surprisingly, had a mellow look on her face.  She must've been exhausted though bepaws she fell into a deep sleep immediately.

As for the cubs, there were three boys: Leo Jr. (naturally), Luke and Leon.  All three looked exactly alike which made the kittens go meeee-ooooo and meeeee-aaaaaah!!!  Just picture the scene- three lions that looked alike and three kittens that looked alike.  Take a second and just think about that...


Now, moving on from that cute moment.  Leo took over.  Leo was a lion with a lot to say and as his cubs headed over towards Frank for 'Operation Cheer-Up Da Cat.'  He let out a roar and started with a, "It's all about the groups."

1 comment:

  1. leo...yur familee iz awesum, everee onez bee ewe tee full ~~~ we sure hope frank will lsiten two ewe...coz hez knot sew much sew two uz small catz ~~ ♥♥♥