Tuesday, January 31, 2017

She's Where????

It turns out that, obviously, it wasn't Carla that got shot but an amazing lookalike and don't worry.  No one was going to forget this.  Cheetahs are a treasured cat and that will be handled.  However, the thing was that Daisy's information was what you call- meow shattering.

"Carla's in Iran and shez can'tz getz out!!"

Stunned looks- confusion, paw scratching- what in the meow was up with this?   Hank looked so confused that a question mark was forming over his head.  Leo's eyes were huge.  "What- why-"

Frank finished it with a, "How?"

"Shez trapped there!!"  Daisy yowled.  "Shez cantz get out! Shez cantz get out!!!

1 comment:

  1. how iz rite dood.....what de be jezuz iz yur wife doin ther ? we iz veree sorree for de other kitteh; but glad carla'z oh kay ~~~~♥♥♥♥