Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Bewilderdly Bewildered

The Mayor meowed it first and it was an obvious question:

"Why in the meow is she there?"

All eyes went to Frank who was so embarrassed that well, his face was redder than Donald Trump's.  Meow, meow, I know I know I need to knock it off but how can you help it?  The man is everywhere with his red face huffing and puffing but I digress.  We'll just say the dude was embarrassed.  And after the shock Casey was the one who meowed it:

"Well, why is she there?"

Frank went onto explain that Carla had a couple of relatives there.  Now, how in the meow is that paws-ible?  How did an Asian cheetah make it all the way down to Africa and that's what the Mayor meowed out.  "Youz meanz tooz tellz me dat Carla iz really an Asian Cheetah???"

"Well, kind of," Frank answered.  "Her grandpa was."

Baby, who as we all know, was on the impatient side anyway meowed it first.  "How in the meow did she get to Africa?"

Frank shrugged.  "There are a lot of them down there...."

1 comment:

  1. frank...her ancesstree iz cool with uz ☺

    de problem due we help her now...can ya get in touch with any oh her familee ta help ? ♥♥♥