Thursday, February 9, 2017

The Captain v. Leo

These two were glaring at each other so hard that they were burning into each other's tail!
Casey, like all the others, were wondering about the history of these two.  Where in the meow could have Captain One-Eyed Jack ran into Leo before all of this stuff started?

Well, I guess you will have to wait for Captain One-Eyed Jack's autobiography!

And to all you meowing that Captain Jack is named for some goofy dude in a movie I meow a 'Puh-leaze-' Captain One-Eyed Jack was around way before Jack Sparrow.  However, not to many photos exist of him. Pawing right along...

Frank had enough of the games.  "Would you two knock it off!" he yelled.  "I want to get Carla back!"

And that statement alone was enough to get everybody pawing to the boat!

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  1. we agreez mor we stand heer de mor timez gettin a way frum uz... N de mor trubull for carla ~~ ♥♥♥