Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Eddie's Excited

Eddie was jumping up and down with his tail flapping.  In all actuality, it looked funny bepaws he resembled a giant 'fuzz' ball!  "The light!  The light!  You saw that light."

Casey's look was just so utterly amazed that he almost looked human.  It was a combination disgust and whisker twitching.  "What in the meow does that mean?"

"The light!"  Eddie shrilled.  "It comes out a corner or in a chest!  You saw it didn't you?"

Daisy nodded, or at least it looked like a nod, she was still in complete shock.  Who knows if she was ever going to meow again? 

The Mayor was annoyed now.  "Whutz in the meowz do youz think youz are doing?  This isn't anz INDIANA JONES MOVIE!"  he yowled at Eddie.

Barney was trying to be calm.  "Eddie, what in the meow are you trying to say?"

"Boomer got swallowed by the light!"  he exclaimed.

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