Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Is Eddie Stoned?

No one knew what to meow for a second but finally, Casey meowed it to Eddie...

"Are you stoned?"

Now that got Eddie's mom all huffy.  "Don't you insult my kid!!"  she yowled.  "He's only tellin' you what he saw."

"Thiz wholez thingz is nutty!"  the Mayor complained.  "I thinkz da kidz watched 'Raiders of da Lost Ark to much."

Eddie shook his head.  "I'm telling you- he saw the big light and disappeared!"  Then he looked at his mom, "You don't think Andy ended up there do you?"

If a Pallas Cat could turn pale this one would have.  To top it all off, she looked half sick.  Before she could answer it, Barney asked, "What does the light do?"

"It just makes you disappear!"  Eddie exclaimed without elaborating.  How could you elaborate on it anyway?  When you're gone- you're gone.  Then little Paws meowed it out-

"I saw it!  I saw it before you came!"

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  1. nothin like sum good grazz tho huh buddy ;) !! ♥♥♥☺☺☺