Friday, March 10, 2017


What was the blob?

It was Eddie's mom!!

"Mom!"  Eddie yowled jumping at her and jumping on her back.  They rolled around for awhile and Eddie's mom seemed to be purr-ty happy about that.  "Mom, where were you?"  he asked.

All of the kitties waited with anticipation to hear this.  After all, there was a lot of running, panic, aggravation and a lot of lost kitties around here.  However, when Eddie's mom said that she was running away from a lion cub and Leo Jr. popped up, it was almost to good to be true!

Casey, the impatient hothead, had it.  "Where in the MEOW DID YOU COME FROM-YOU PUNK?"

Leo Jr. was such a happy-go-lucky lion that he didn't mind getting yowled at.  "There are paths all over the place!"  he exclaimed.

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