Saturday, March 11, 2017


Leo Jr. was all excited.  "There's passages all the place!"  he said.  "They lead to all kinds of places and I saw some gold in a chest!"

Now you wouldn't think that cats- especially Pallas Cats would get that excited about gold.  Why would they really?  Who would think a Pallas Cat needs gold?  As a matter of fact why would any of these cats need gold.  But this is a meow-special situation and come on- if a bunch of cats are trapped in a cave in Iran what do you think might happen next? 

Never mind...

Don't answer that...

But let me put it to you this way, these cats started acting like Looney Tunes cartoons in those gold episodes.  The Mayor's eyes were especially large. "Gold????  Gold????"

That's when Baby looked around and started to shriek.  "What happened to Boomer and Daisy????"

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