Saturday, May 13, 2017

Bewilderdly Bewildered

Carla was in a big time panic.  Due to the fact she was a cheetah, you really couldn't tell for sure.  I mean, how could you?  Cheetahs were long, lean with a look on their face that automatically said, "I have a plan."  However, right now, you had to throw all of that out the window.  This cheetah was worried big time.

Casey, being the resident hot-head, was trying to figure this out reasonably.  "Why?"  he asked.

Frank and Carla looked at him like he was out of his meowing mind.  "People would kill for this!!"  Frank said again.  "Humans- they think it's some kind of valuable, ancient thing.  One of those things that you put in a museum."

All kitties were bewilderedly bewildered at this point.  "Thatz dumz," Boomer meowed.  "Whyz this?"

"I knowz, I knowz," Daisy meowed hysterically.  "Smokey meowed it last year!"

"You gotta be kidding," Barney meowed.  "Are you back to that?"

The second he meowed that there was strange sounds coming from the trees about 10 feet away!!!

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  1. crap guyz we hope itz knot bass terd burd ~~~ !! ♥♥☺☺☺☺