Friday, May 12, 2017


There was silence.

Well, can you blame them?  What Frank said was shocking, spooky and downright 'what the meow?'  Anyway, the silence  was broken by Tippy, who gave Toni the paw.  "You dope," he meowed.

Toni, like all of the cats, was socked.  "What did I do???"

"This is all your fault!"  Tippy yowled.  "We're all in big trouble since u found this goofy thing!"  After he meowed that all of the kittens, including the Fuzz, were all over Toni.  It was one cartoon-ball catfight until they were separated by Baby, of all cats.

"You kitties are giving me a whisker-ache!"  she yowled.  "Go up to the house."

All of them gave her the, 'you gotta be kidding' look and didn't budge.  She didn't push it.  She just wanted them to knock it off.  In the meantime, Casey actually pinched himself a couple of times to make sure this wasn't another crazy dream.  Finally, it was Carla who said, "We gotta hide this thing."

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  1. casey....we cracked up dood.....due knot pinch yur self two hard buddy....OW !!! ☺☺♥♥