Tuesday, May 9, 2017

What's It For?

Smokey touched the GOLDEN PAW...

Smokey disappeared from touching the GOLDEN PAW.

After hearing that Casey broke the silence with, "What are you- nuts?"

Daisy gave him a paw for that and well, can you really blame her?  There was such thing as a 'little to smug.' They pawed at each other for a bit until the Mayor meowed...


They did, believe it or not, and all was silent for a few seconds.  Tippy broke it with a, "What are we gonna do with it?"

"It's really purr-ty," Sammie meowed.

How was anyone really going to answer?  No one had any idea, including the new archeologist Daisy.  "How youz wanna answer da kid?"  the Mayor asked.

Conveniently, she didn't have to.  A familiar voice shrieked. "Holy CATS it's da Golden Paw!!!"

1 comment:

  1. may bee we can pick it up witha shovelz....tho wear we can get one....hay...waves two ewe....capn' jack !!!??? ☺☺♥♥