Monday, January 22, 2018

Comforting Freddie

The kitties were horrified.

Wouldn't you be?  Holy meows!  This ranked up there with the animals getting taken to canned hunting parks.  Who in the meow- or WHAT IN THE MEOW could possibly be going on.  Casey never heard anything like it before and it actually made his whiskers twitch non-stop.  But he knew that he had to remain calm.

He patted Freddie's head.  "Don't worry little buddy, we'll find your family."

Everybody was looking at Casey like he was demented.  This was going to be impawsible and Casey knew it.  But what was he going to do?  He had to comfort the little dude who was pawsitively heartbroken by the turn of events.  There was also that overall sense of doing the right thing that was pulling at his conscience.  "Stop staring!"  he yowled.  "We'll find them- I'm not sure how but we will."

Freddie was so happy to hear this that he snuggled against Casey and believe it or not, within minutes he was asleep.  Poor little fella.  Baby would take care of him though- she actually took him back to Captain One-Eyed Jack's boat so he could relax.  When they left- Barney actually said, "Okay tough guy- what do we do now?"

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  1. we agree casey; we haz been on thiz journee bee for.....never under estimatez de power oh de CAT !!! ☺☺♥♥