Tuesday, January 23, 2018

That Sounds Familiar

Ah we're back to familiar ground...

The kitties were in a stunned state and they were literally wiped clean of any ideas.  Well, do you really blame the guys?  Seriously, do you?  Who would've thought that a vacation in the tropics could turn into this?  Besides all of them had really sick images in their heads of some crazy human torturing Freddie's mom and his poor little brother.

I mean how low can you go?  Torturing a mom Fishing Cat and her little baby.

Thoughts started turning into all-out anger.  The one that seemed like he was seething the most was Barney.  Then again, Barney always had a fondness for little dudes.  You may remember the how he liked to paly 'King of the Mountain' with all of the kittens.  As a matter of fact, he meowed, "We need to find some back-up."

Casey nodded.  "We need the Trouties."

"What about Hank?"  asked Fuzzy, practically out of nowhere and guess what?

A voice from behind said, "Sorry that I'm late."

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  1. guyz...we iz heer ta help two... N we all sew asked leo ta lend a hand...him will bee heer ina moe mint.....oh look heer him iz now ! ☺☺♥♥