Saturday, January 13, 2018

Confused Kitties

The kitties were confused.  Fuzzy couldn't figure it out.  Who in the meow would want to take little Freddie's mom?  Fuzzy believed Freddie when he said it was no zoo.  It didn't sound like it.  It sounded strange- scary and well- remember Fuzzy was just a kid really.  What did she really know?

Now, if this would've been Smokey- she probably would've known...

Meee-ow we had to get a Smokey mention in for some reason.  Every once in awhile we miss the Smoke.

Now, Fuzzy was trying to remain a calm, cool kitty.  Freddie was looking up at her like she was the smartest cat in the world.  Freddie wanted some answers and Fuzzy was just trying to think of something good to meow.

However, she was cut off by Paws who yowled out, "How did you guys find us??"

1 comment:

  1. guyz....itz way awesum ta givez smoke a menshun.....we due gram paw dude, sauce N boomer all de time !!! ♥♥♥