Friday, January 12, 2018


The rest of the gang (aka. Casey and Barney) were having breakfast and paw-ndering.

"I can't believe they really did it," Barney meowed.  "They actually got on the boat and went!

Casey, too, was amazed.  "Do you think Baby knows that they're there?"

Barney swished his tail.  "I doubt it," he meowed.  "You know how she's in love with that captain dude-cat."

Casey's whiskers twitched in agreement.  He had enough flings in his day to know what it was like to lust so he got it.  The problem Casey had, now, was that the house was really empty.  In other words he missed Fuzzy and the gang.  Barney was lonesome for them too.  He wouldn't admit it but you could tell.  After a few minutes, Casey asked, "Do you have any idea where their boat was going?"

Barney didn't even need to look.  "I think they were headed for Fish Island but they were probably going to stop at other places along with way."

Casey's whiskers twitched.  "I think we should go and find them!"

How did Barney react?

He smiled...

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  1. heck eye land !!!

    could ther be any place better...well, may bee canned goodz city... but ewe noe ~~ ♥♥♥