Thursday, January 25, 2018

Talkative Hank

Before Hank got into detail, he had to give good news from the sports world...

Trevor Hoffman and Jim Thome were elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame!!!


Had to get that out!  If all works out, we're meowing paws-ible road trip!

Pawing right along....

Hank got serious in a minute.  He started telling stories that even made Casey nervous.  It seemed like there were these humans that liked to kidnap all kinds of animals and do crazy experiments on them.  Nobody knew who they were exactly.  As stated, it appeared that they weren't members of some zoo.  There was even some talk that they experimented on them and then used their bodies for some kind of product!  Now, that didn't sit to well with the little kitties and even Fuzzy.  Don't forget Fuzzy was still a kid too.  They started crying when they heard that.

Barney was actually sick by time Hank was done and Casey looked like he needed some kind of human liquor to get him meowing again.  That's when a familiar voice said, "Don't worry- we'll get them out!"

1 comment:

  1. pleez due knot cry fuzzy; itz called karma....we NOE thoz peepulz will get....karma...

    N hay, we haz 984 pawz crossed yur mom CAN take her road kewl wood THAT be !! ☺☺♥♥