Wednesday, January 24, 2018




We knew you wouldn't let us down!  MOL...

Hank was looking good, bigger than usual and sort of on the shiny side.  What did the shiny side have to do with anything?  How in the meow do I know?  The dude looked good.  Casey wondered if Hank had been after the ladies but hey who wanted to get into that?

Pawing right along...

Everybody was kind off on the confused side, especially Fuzzy.  "How in the meow did you know where we were?"  she asked.

Hank simply said, "Captain meowed that you were here."  By Captain he meant One-Eyed Jack.  How would Jack know what to do?  Who knows?  Cats are the masters of surprises.  Besides that Hank didn't want to be distracted.  "Where's the kid?"

"Back at the boat," Barney answered eyeing him strangely.  "Why would Jack-"

Hank cut him off with, "I know who took the kid's mom and brother."

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  1. in de age oh cell ewe lar N text; we iz knot suprized hank getted ther fast az he did...grate textin skillz ther jack !! ☺☺♥♥