Friday, February 16, 2018


Well, if the Shamu-dude was beached, what did that mean for Fuzzy and Hank?

Beach city that's what.

Hank was actually carried to an island and beached with a big plop.  He was in the sand with all four legs out and head stretched long enough to resemble giraffe territory.  Fuzzy, for some crazy reason, somehow managed to stay on his back mostly thanks to the power of claws.  After Hank wore off from the adrenaline rush, the dude was going to have a paw-fully sore back without a doubt!

Pawing right along...

When Fuzzy saw that the Shamu-dude was beached- she jumped down and ran over, expecting to see the gang waiting but after about 2 minutes she didn't notice anything different.  She started panicking.  "Casey!"  she yowled.  "Barney!!! Hey Mayor where are you???"

That's when she heard from inside the Shamu-dude, "Fuzzy get us out of here!!!"

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  1. pleez fuzzy yez.....none oh uz haz had a nap ore anything ta eat in like YEERZ !!!!! ☺☺☺

    happee week oh end guyz ~ ♥♥