Saturday, February 17, 2018

Fearless Fuzzy

Fuzzy was in a jam, a big time jam!

How in the meow was she supposed to get the Shamu-dude to open his mouth?  She was just a little, fuzzy kitty after all and Hank was no help!  Why you meow?  Well, let me meow it to you this way, like the Shamu-dude Hank was beached hard enough that he was even snoring.


Yeah, Hank was snoring!  Hank had one meowy weird snore.  It was one big earthquake- sort of, well whatever it was- it was noisy! Fuzzy was lucky that she even heard the cats at all!  The problem was getting worse too bepaws Hank was snoring loud enough that he was actually making it windy!

Casey thought had one of the biggest meows known to cat-kind.  He practically roared it.  "FUZZY!!!! DO SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Fuzzy looked at the Shamu-dude who was sleeping soundly with kind of a grin on his face.  It was really, really weird.  She felt like yowling though.  What in the meow was she supposed to do?  Then she noticed that he had his fins stretched out, she studied her tail and then got a meowy interesting idea...

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