Monday, February 26, 2018


The big meow was...

Who was going in?


Fuzzy didn't wait around to debate.  She jumped and the rest of the kitties (including the little ones) hopped in after her.  The tunnel, as stated, was paw-mazing.  It was smooth and wide.  To be meowy honest, it didn't take them that long to get under the fence and into the main yard!

Try to picture the gang  and the Trouties sticking their head out of a huge hole at one time.  Not only is the image extremely cute but it was kind of funny.  The trouble was they didn't really want to come out! After a lot of meow-debating, Fuzzy actually hit the yard first and it was incredibly quiet  The only noise seemed to be the hum from the fence and the clicking sound of some of those outdoor security cameras!

Somebody was watching the kitties!!!

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  1. guyz...nowz a grate time ta pree end we iz big time BB playerz...rockz at thoz cameraz will shut em off but quik !!! who can pitch long ~~~~~ ☺☺♥♥