Tuesday, February 27, 2018


Casey noticed it first.  He batted the Mayor on the head with his tail.  "Look up there, " he meowed softly.

The Mayor, rubbing his head with his front left paw and saw it immediately!  The whisker twitching went into overdrive.  "Cameras!"

All of them looked this time and never mind the fact that Daisy prettied herself some so they could get her best whisker side.  They were fascinated but only for about a minute.  Fuzzy wasn't going to mess around.  She hopped out and started parading across the yard.

There was shock yet there was that righteous indignation. There were loud whispers of "Fuzzy!" and loud meows of "FUZZY!"

Fuzzy wasn't listening though.  She was a kitty on the mission.  It was as if the spirit of Smokey came into her body.  The shocking thing about the whole thing was that she went in RIGHT THROUGH THE FRONT DOOR!!!

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  1. fuzzy...if ewe can moove thru doorz ewe iz gonna bee de MOST sought afutrr cat on de planit...by all de rest oh uz catz !!!!! ☺☺♥♥ kewl ~~~~~~~~~