Sunday, March 25, 2018

Captain Jack

As if on cue, there was a huge noise in the background, the water background that is.  It sounded like a cruise ship and meeee-ow- guess what?  Captain Jack’s boat was now in view and everything sort of happened in a blur.

          The boat came onto the beach and Freddie came out so fast that it made Casey’s head spin and the Mayor fall down.  Cindy actually did some kind of crazy jump and hugged little Freddie so hard that Barney had to go, “Wait!!! You’re gonna strangle the kid!”

          No one listened though but that was okay.  It was a happy, meowy, flat-out PURRY REUNION.  Freddie was so happy that he was making kitten noises.  However, Captain Jack soon appeared, out of nowhere it seemed with his face glum and whiskers twitching.  “We have a problem,” he meowed.

          The kitties stared at him, shocked, it wasn’t often that he even came out of the boat.  This had to be bad.  “What is it?”  asked Casey.

          “Bad news,” he answered.

          Casey was mad at this point. “WHAT’S THE PROBLEM?”

          “Sudan died,” he announced glumly.

          There was silence for a second.  Everybody knew who Sudan was and to hear this news was horrifying.  Then a voice meowed…

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  1. Godspeed Sudan.....we are beyond sorry....this is sad for more reasons than one =^,,^= ♥♥♥