Monday, March 26, 2018

Captain Jack's Meow-ncement!

          “Who’s Sudan?”

          It was Tippy who meowed it and all eyes went to him in horror.  He started to get upset at how everyone was staring at him!  “Why are you looking at me?” he asked Paws.  “You kitties don’t know either!  You don’t know who he is either Fuzzy!  So, don’t you get that ‘fuzzy’ look on your face!”

          Fuzzy didn’t meow anything but there wasn’t a chance that she was going to admit the lack of knowledge.  She just responded by giving him a ferocious twitch of the whiskers.  Good goin’ Fuzzy.

          Well, it hit the gang that the little kitties might not know what was going on.  Barney, being the professor-like, cat of the group, went onto explain that Sudan was the last Northern White Rhino male and that there were only 2 females left.  That sent the kitties into hysterics!  Who would’ve guessed that?  But meee-ow, no one likes to hear that an animal was almost gone.  During the hysteria, Captain Jack meowed something that was earth shattering…

          “He wasn’t the last one.”

          That took a couple of minutes to sink in.  Sudan wasn’t the last Northern White Rhino?  How was that pawsible?  Meee-ow even Hank looked confused.  “Are you high on nip?”  he asked Captain Jack.

          He meowed it again, “There are more and they need help now!”

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  1. jack...dood.....we.. N like 98 purr cent oh all de caring nationz hope yur rite ~~~~~ ♥♥